Our Philosophy

Our vision is simple and our process is unique.   Members are our life blood and that sets us apart.  Expect service,  expect a voice, expect to direct - you are the center.

We are a cooperative with style.

Our Beginning

Something was missing - and we realized it was a passion for excellence and a respect for the group.    We don't cut corners here.

There were a lot out there but non promised a membership experience and a reason not to disappoint.    Our universality means that your voice was and is being heard.

We share success.

Meet the Team

People want to know who they're doing business with, it's a human thing.  Our promise, you'll always be able to reach us!

Diana Von Welczeck

Founder & CEO

Diana is a born and bred Mill Valley resident with a history of a successful San Francisco business,  but like all our members,  that's not the full story.  The real story is complicated; with a regal foot in Germany and a homely foot in the Italian Hills, Diana brings generous European hospitality to figabode.

Karimah Karah

Founder & CFO

With a history in finance, Karimah is understandably strict on value;  never let anyone have to justify what they pay you is a favorite motto so value is a firm focus in figabode. But again, that's not the full story, Asian and Middle Eastern hospitality is ingrained in Karimah which means that the Club Member is feted on many levels.

Next Steps...

Become a Club Member today, it's easy, it's reasonable, it's the promise of fulfilled.