The Renaissance wow experience awaits. 

Meet creative, industrious, terribly interesting people, find friends and make connections that turn into family.  No rules, only conversation over stunningly beautiful dinner wear, listening to a string quartet eating an eclectic meal or just the perfect hamburger on a beach.  Enter the shared world.

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Need a jaunt that’ll refresh the soul?   You’ll find that absolutely perfect venue with a click here. 

Long or short, alone or with a group, a house or a castle, a cave or tent, extravagant or simple,  just a pad you say?  The options are endless.   Enter an odyssey of your making.

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Immaginazione; you have a vision and the date, here you’ll find the resources that make that happen. 

Weddings, birthdays, that magical anniversary, or the well celebrated divorce all find equal time here.   The fun begins!


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THE SHARED COMMUNITY is a cooperative community

Peruse vacation homes, apartments, shared spaces or that special, memorable event or two or three!  

If you’re a Cooperative Club Member , you are not only able to list your venue, event or service to the shared community, you can partake.    

Any payments to you and/or payment from you to other Cooperative Club Members are aggregated annually.  As a Cooperative Club Member 1% of your aggregated annual is returned to you.

You enter the shared community, the noteworthy; we want you to own figabode.


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Figabode is an community club environment where every member is authenticated.  Become a member today, it’s easy.

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